метални и дървени крачета

Why CompoLAND

Our in-depth knowledge of quality, logistics, and customer service has allowed us to thrive on the furniture legs market for six dynamic years. We are the partner of choice for creative, inspiration seeking, and innovation embracing European furniture companies. We create an environment in which our trans-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, artists, and economists are inspired to generate solution-driven ideas for products and services.


We create business relationships that add inspiration, elegance, perfect simplicity and reliability to our lives.


We exist to liberate your imagination and help you create the products that you envision. We collaborate with our clients to manufacture quality custom products at affordable prices. We carefully manage the supply chain to guarantee a timely delivery of ordered goods right to our customers’ doors.


The code of conduct describes our core values and the most important principles guiding our activities. These are the values and principles our customers, suppliers, state institutions and business partners associate us with.
In our everyday work we team up with customers and suppliers with whom we share the following values:

We try do things better every day. We are committed to constantly increasing our competence and improving the way we do things, and this matters to us more than turnover figures. We believe know-how and efficiency naturally generate higher profits.

We are known as a reliable and stimulating business partner. We keep our word.
We work with suppliers who share our focus on responsibility, creativity, and excellent communication.

Our stakeholders recognize us for our loyalty and trustworthiness. We understand that trust has a numeric expression in business. We believe that trust in the supply chain leads to a business position more competitive by 7%.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We attract individuals who share our values and can contribute to a healthy culture of efficiency, innovation, and growth.

We partner with financially stable customers. One of our most valued strengths on the local market is our in-time payments and our ability to provide financial aid to suppliers if needed.

We believe that people grow through their responsibilities. We value people who take initiative and dare to make mistakes. We take responsibility for what we say and do.

Respect for our employees, suppliers, customers, society and environment lies at the heart of all our activities. We are committed to setting a positive example through our work, and thus contributing to a healthy business environment.